32TB Source Code of Windows 10 Leaked

32TB Source Code of Windows 10 Leaked

32TB source code from unreleased and private builds of Windows 10 as well as source sections related to USB, Storage and Wi-Fi drivers of Windows 10, leaked to the internet, which could lead to a massive exploitation of operating, Security researchers say.

Mostly the leak concerns private builds of Windows 10 that are used by OEMs and company partners, as well as by government agencies and other clients who access the source code of these private editions through Microsoft’s Shared Source Initiative.

The leakage, which according to The Register is 32TB size and posted on the Beta Archive website, also includes source code for Window 10 hardware drivers such as USB, Wi-Fi and Storage Drivers.

The leak took place just one day after the capture of two young men who got unauthorized access to the Microsoft network. However, it is not yet clear whether these arrests are related to this leak.

Microsoft has confirmed the leak, while the source code associated with Windows 10 has now been removed from the Beta Archive website.

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