20 Effective Ways To Be More Productive

Scrambling to complete deadlines, wearing 18 different hats, answering the slew of emails and phone calls… you get the point. It seems like more and more companies are adopting the motto “do more with less.”

So where does that leave you?

Ways To Increase Productivity :

  • Rethink your to-do-list
  • Reduce time-drain from miscommunication
  • Stay organized and boost your productivity
  • List your “crucial results” for the day
  • Eat healthy foods throughout the day
  • Complete tasks in batches
  • Conquer procrastination with the “2-Minute Rule”
  • Prioritize your most important tasks first
  • Is that meeting necessary?

The goal of this post is to help you find ways for you and your team to increase productivity . Instead of trying to do a bunch of these at once, find a couple that you can implement for at least 21 days (the time it typically takes to form a new habit).

1. Set a Timer

Estimate the time you need to tackle different tasks and set a timer for each of your tasks. When it comes to the time limit, move on to another task first.


2. Eliminate All Distractions

Distractions include the phone, email notifications and having multiple web browsers open on the desktop.

Learn how to get rid of all distractions.


3. Listen to Music That Boosts Productivity

Distractions should be avoided, but sometimes a bit of music in the background can help you focus.

Of course, it doesn’t need to be heavy rock music, but a bit of Beethoven may do you some good.


4. Find Meaning in What You Do (And Love What You Do)

Enjoying what you do is the ultimate way to increase your productivity.


5. Prioritize your tasks ahead of time.

By listing your tasks in order of importance, you can make sure that you finish all of your most important tasks during the day.


6. Batch Similar Tasks into a Single Batch.

Tasks like blog writing, phone calls, email, and errands can be grouped into a single batch. You will save time by completing similar tasks in one session.


7. Complete Your Most Dreaded Tasks First Thing in the Morning.

Whichever activity you are dreading the most is probably the one you need to complete first thing in the morning.

Many people tend to check emails in the morning because after checking a list of emails, they feel fulfilled. But that’s just an illusion of having achieved more.

Doing simple tasks like checking emails first in the morning is bad for you. Instead, do the difficult tasks because you have more energy in the morning to tackle them!


8. Reward Yourself for Finishing a Big Task

To stay motivated for whatever you do, reward yourself every now and then.

Keep track of your small wins and milestones and celebrate them. So, whenever you struggle about your progress, you see how far you’ve come!


9. Don’t Multitask

Research has shown that multitasking is not productive. If you think you can multitask, think again.

For optimum productivity, focus on one thing at a time.


10. Step Away from the Computer

The Internet has become one of the number one distraction. To increase your productivity, try to do as much of your work offline as possible.

Do this a lot when you try to brainstorm new ideas and have found it to be very beneficial to simply unplug.


11. Use Focus Tools

Make good use of apps and technology to help you remove distractions.


12. Just Start

Often times, starting is the hardest part. People tend to wait for the perfect time with the perfect conditions to start. But there’s no perfect condition.

Once you get going, you will quickly get into a rhythm that could last for hours.


13. Find out Your Productive Hours

Everyone has a certain time of the day in which they are more productive than others. For me, it’s the morning.

Find out when your prime time is for productivity and optimize your work schedule accordingly.


14. Keep a Notebook and Pen on Hand at All Times

This way, you can write down your thoughts, to-dos, and ideas at any time. The key is to get everything out of your head and onto paper. Your subconscious mind won’t be reminding you about it every other second.


15. Write a Blog to Chronicle Your Own Personal Development and Achievements

The blog keeps you accountable and always working towards self-improvement and personal growth.

When you write down all the small achievements you’ve been having, you’re also more motivated to move forward.


16. Write out a To-Do-List Each Day

Plan your day the night before. This way, you can get started on your most important tasks as soon as you wake up.


17. Write Your Most Important Tasks and To-Dos on a Calendar.

The key to good time management is knowing where to be and what to be doing there at any given time. Effective calendar management goes hand in hand with good task list management.

In our next post, we will share “How to Use a Calendar to Create Time and Space


18. Reflect on Your Productivity Constantly

As you go throughout your day, repeatedly ask yourself:

“Am I currently making the best possible use of my time?”

This one simple question can be an excellent boost to your productivity.


19. Get up Early Before Anyone Else

We know it could be difficult for some to wake up early in the morning, but nothing beats a quiet house!


20. Get Plenty of Sleep

When you work online, sleep can become a long-lost memory. However, it’s important to get plenty of sleep so that your working hours can be as productive as possible.