Adobe is giving students free access to creative cloud due to coronavirus outbreak

Adobe’s trying to help bridge the gap between remote and on-location learning

What you need to know

• Adobe is giving free access to its Creative Cloud apps for students during the coronavirus outbreak.

• Students need to attend a school or college that is an education customer of Adobe.

• IT admins have to apply to get temporary access to Creative Cloud apps for students.

Adobe is helping remote learners continue their studies during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak . Students at schools are colleges that are Adobe education customers can receive free access to Adobe’s desktop Creative Cloud apps at home for a limited time.

The licenses will be available until May 2020 and will help students continue their coursework while they’re not able to attend school or college in person.

In order to receive free access to the Creative Cloud apps, a school IT admin needs to request temporary access using the form which you can find in Adobe sites.

Only one IT admin per institution needs to apply. Adobe will then review the request and send an email to the IT admin by March 20, 2020.

If approved, students and teachers will have access to Adobe’s Creative Cloud apps. Some institutions have shut down their buildings and required students and teachers to work from home. Many schools have labs with computers with Adobe’s Creative Cloud apps installed. Without access to these computers, students would be left to purchase subscriptions themselves or to not be able to do their work from home. Home access will provide an alternative to these computers and allow students and educators to work from home.