Do you need a well developed e-commerce site for your business ?

E-commerce is the future , during the crisis of COVID 19 appeared to be a promising pillar in the fight against COVID 19 as it helped reduce the rate of infection by offering online delivery of commodities and services. Moreover e-commerce helped economies preserve jobs during the crisis. Online businesses managed to stay afloat . […]


What Is E-Commerce Web Development?

If you run an online selling business, you may already know that are few things more important to your business transactions than effective e-commerce web development. But for those just starting out, it can be important for them to know how it could benefit their business. As you may already know, web development is the […]


One-Click PrestaShop

This article contains information about the PrestaShop application that can be deployed on Plegma.Host App Details PrestaShop runs on the CentOS 6 x64 operating system. You can log into this system with an SSH client using the root login found on your Plegma.Host control panel. Initially, you will need to access https://[SERVER_IP]/install/ in your web-browser. […]


Five Deadfalls to Look For While Installing Magento Themes or Extensions

Magento is a popular eCommerce platform which offers excellent flexibility for the themes and extensions; it has few critical features which Magento developers should consider for successfully developing efficient and productive ecommerce websites. The article compiles a list of few points which needs to be considered while using Magento themes and extensions to avoid deadfalls. […]