Do you really own your Domain Name?

Today we will attract a subject that tends to become much more important than it seems. The purchase of the domain name (eg

This issue is being addressed following a series of incidents involving people and businesses who come to Plegmahost complaining that they cannot intervene on their website, even post news.

After research, we find that the web development company that collaborated until then simply has registered the domain with owner data themselves! This means that nowhere does it appear that the owner is the customer/business, as a result of which he can not have access to its own website!

Trying to contact the previous company that the new customer worked with informs us that a change fee will have to be paid, as well as labor hours!

To prevent such incidents you need to be sure of the quality and solvency of a web design company.

Also when buying a domain name, you will need to ask the company that bought it on your behalf to show you the proof of purchase which will state the details of the owner.

Otherwise they must log in to their registrar system and show it to you from there.

The company that will take over your website, will simply have to declare itself as an administrator so that it can make changes to your website and not as owner!