Dropbox has launched a new password manager ΙΝ ΒΕΤΑ .

Dropbox has launched a new password manager named “Dropbox Passwords”. The app is only available in a private beta on Android, at the minute . You won’t be able to use it unless you’ve got an invite for now.

The app seems pretty basic in its current state. Like most password managers, it can create unique passwords, store them in one place, sync them across devices, and automatically fill in login fields. There’s no mention of other useful features like importing passwords from browsers and support for two-factor authentication.

it also advertises something called “zero-knowledge encryption,” which means only the user has access to data being stored in the app.

The field is competitive though, with a range of services offering fairly similar features. What’s undeniable is that everyone should be using a password manager, and given Dropbox’s name recognition it might have an easier time persuading users to sign up.

Dropbox Passwords offers the ability to sign in to apps and websites with “one click,”

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