Google Web Stories WordPress Plugin Officially Released

Google officially published the Web Stories WordPress Plugin. Easily create web stories and get more site visitors.

Google announced  that their Web Stories WordPress plugin is out of beta and available at the WordPress Plugin Repository. This plugin makes it easy for WordPress publishers to create content in the Google Web Stories format, enabling publishers to attract more visitors.

The plugin was previously available at GitHub as a beta version. It is now available as a full WordPress plugin.

Web Stories for WordPress is a new plugin by Google. Important SEO tips should be kept in mind for optimal Web Story performance (that aren’t obvious).

Web Stories for WordPress is a new plugin developed by Google.

The plugin allows you to create full-screen, tappable, and engaging visual stories that are powered by AMP technology.

The Web Stories for WordPress plugin installation process is simple:

  • Navigate to the official website, download the .zip file, then within WordPress select Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin.

Be Seen in More Places on Google

Web Stories is a way to use existing content to create short form content that can be “snacked” on quickly. That’s why the format is called Web Stories.

Google shows content in the Web Story format in the following places:

  • Google Search
  • Google Images
  • Google Discover
  • Google App