How to Avoid Spam Use Disposable Mail.

On the web, we’re asked to sign up for new accounts, app trials, delivery services, and so on and that puts a strain on the email accounts and cell numbers we use every day.

Then there are the services that you’d rather just try out first before you start sharing anything personal like an email address or phone number.

A disposable email address can be very handy. If a particular service starts spamming  you can just close down the temporary contact and walk away.

When it comes to email addresses, you’ve got a number of free or freemium options.

  • 10 Minute Mail :10 Minute Mail creates, as its name implies, email addresses that last just 10 minutes. For those 10 minutes, you can check any incoming messages through a simple web interface (in case you need to verify the address exists after using it), and you can get an extra 600 seconds added to the life span of the email address if you need it. : free on the web
  • Guerrilla Mail: it does a very good job of generating disposable email addresses for you, and that’s what counts. The site gives you plenty of flexibility in picking your temporary address too, with a choice of domain names (after the “@”) and the option to scramble up a new address at random with a click. You don’t get any forwarding options with Guerilla Mail, just a web inbox where messages arrive and stay for an hour (read or not) : free on the web.
  • Burner Mail: it’s funded by premium, paid-for accounts (though you can still create up to five temporary addresses for free). You can use it as a web app or as a Chrome extension, and if you install the browser plug-in you can simply click a button to generate an email address when you’re signing up for something new. Fremium on chrome and Web.
  • Firefox Private Relay: Private Relay is a new Firefox extension currently in alpha testing, which once installed pops up whenever you need to enter an email address on the web. Firefox then creates a disposable address for you, which passes on messages to your real account. When you no longer need the alias, you can simply delete it. For the moment is on alpha testing and it’s not taking any more testers.

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