How to choose the perfect domain name for your site ?

At the beginning of each website development everyone is asked to choose a name for their website. A domain name .

But what is the right name and what are the characteristics that it should have?

First of all, it should be mentioned that the ideal domain can give a bonus to your website compared to others in the battle for the first place in the search engines (seo). One has to settle on the domain name from the beginning as a possible , a change of the domain name can have a negative impact on the search engines.

It will be good for the domain name to contain some of the keywords for which you want to rank in the first places of the search engines. It is also important that your domain has the suffix .com, or any suffix you wish as they give your website prestige and make your visitors trust it.

Your domain should be small, easy to read and memorize, pronunciation and spelling. It should be timeless and completely relevant to your services. A domain that has nothing to do with your services can only confuse visitors.

The name you choose must be separate from the existing ones (unique). There should be no numbers or strange symbols in your domain name (other than – which search engines understand as a delimiter).

Such symbols are likely to confuse a potential customer and lead them to your competitor’s page.

Many times it is good to buy the same domain in many endings so as not to let your competitors do it and take advantage of your reputation.

Finally we must say that the timely renewal of your domain name is very important as if it is released it may be the registration of your competitor.