Microsoft’s Windows 10X operating system is a giant reveal.

Microsoft has been reworking a lot of its products to better cater for remote working and more essential devices like PCs and laptops after the company saw a spike in Microsoft Teams and Windows 10 usage .

Windows x10 is designed for education and business use , both for single screen and dual screen hardware .Is expected to arrive approximately in spring 2021

Windows 10x

Microsoft cited the coronavirus pandemic as part of the reason for its change to Windows 10X. They will launch windows 10x as a web first OS without local Win32 app support .

What you need to know:

• Microsoft is planning to launch Windows 10X without local Win32 support.

• Windows 10X will support streaming Win32 apps from the cloud instead.

• It will compete with Chrome OS on low-cost PCs in 2021.

Microsoft is expecting to begin bringing Windows 10X innovations to Windows 10 in future releases in 2021 .

Windows 10X will be available on dual-screen and single screen and also foldable devices .These will include both Microsoft Surface and devices from several Windows ecosystem partners including ASUS, Dell, HP and Lenovo. The first wave of devices will vary in size, design and specs, and be powered by Intel.