Online Radio Streaming Services ,how to build your own radio station.

While there are several ways to architect an online radio workflow, several areas make a frequent appearance. These include an audio source, an audio processor, an encoder, a server, a means of delivery, and an audience.

How to Live Audio Streaming – Workflow

  1. Audio source: As the origin of any stream, the source could be the live output of your radio station or prerecorded content.
  2. Encoder: Encoding involves compressing the stream down for speedy delivery across the internet. Encoders can be hardware or software — available both free or for purchase, depending on what you’re trying to achieve.
  3. Server: Once encoded, the packaged stream is transported to a media server, where it can be transcoded for adaptive bitrate delivery and repackaged for delivery to multiple devices. An audio live streaming server software or cloud streaming service can be employed to accomplish this and more.
  4. Means of delivery: Unless you’re streaming to a handful of listeners, a content delivery network (CDN) is often employed for global distribution. Free streaming platforms like YouTube Live often have their own CDN or partner with another provider.

Choose Your Live Audio Streaming Server (Software or Service)

A professional-grade streaming server software or service can be used for adaptive bitrate streaming, ensuring the highest quality possible for each listener. What’s more, these services take care of global delivery via a CDN to find the least-congested path.

Grab Your Gear

Precisely what equipment is required to go on air will depend on the broadcast. If you have multiple audio inputs, then a mixer is necessary to merge various audio channels together. For a single person talk show, this might be overkill.

If, however, you’re interested in creating a professional internet radio station for large-scale broadcasts, you’re in the right place. With our dedicated server services you can gain more streaming power and also you can choose between diffrent package services for every need .

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