What does the upcoming version of WordPress 5.5 brings?

WordPress 5.5 beta was released and is scheduled for public release on August 11, 2020. It will be the second major release of WordPress this year and brings many new features and improvements to its platform. ss

Let’s see what comes with WordPress 5.5

The new version of WordPress 5.5 brings several improvements to the UI of the Block Editor. You will notice borders around toolbars and buttons, new icons and focus highlighting as you move and type.

The (+) button for adding a new block has changed (it is more visible) and looks more like a button.

WordPress 5.5 will also bring some new blocks to the block editor. These are WordPress plugins that add new features to the block editor. The new version will make it easier to move blocks within the content editing program. You can simply click on the handle on the block you are interested in and drag it up and down.

WordPress lets you do some basic image editing, such as cropping, resizing, rotating, and scaling. However, to do this you need to open the image in the media library.

The upcoming WordPress 5.5 will allow you to edit images without having to leave the block editor. You will be able to zoom in, crop, rotate and resize an image on the spot.

WordPress 5.5 will allow you to enable automatic updates for plugins and themes through the admin control panel. From the plugins page you will be able to click on “Enable automatic updating” next to the plugins you want to be updated automatically.

Likewise, you can enable automatic updates for themes in the same way from the themes page.

The new version 5.5 will be accompanied by a built-in feature for sitemaps that will be enabled by default. It will create a new file called wp-sitemap.xml which will contain links to all the other files on the site.

The default sitemap feature will support all types of posts (categories, tags and custom taxonomies) as well as publisher timelines. The two largest plugins All in One SEO Pack and Yoast SEO will continue to have their own sitemaps because they offer advanced customization capabilities.

WordPress 5.5 will also have the Lazy load feature as the default option for all images. The new version will add ‘loading’ to the img tag. This feature is supported by all modern browsers (except Safari).

These and many more that we will learn in August.