Maintaining the Security of a Dedicated Server

Maintaining the Security of a Dedicated Server

Whether you use a dedicated server or a shared one the most important problem that you may come across nowadays is security breach. The data centers may be careful enough for maintaining the security of your server specially if you host your website on a dedicated server but still you should also be careful. You can also add some extra steps that will add extra security to your server.

Execute a Strong Password Policy

The password of the server is most important. After you purchase a dedicated server you will be provided with s password but it is best to change them. The default ones are always at risk of cyber-attacks. When you set the password remember that you should not use any word or number that is associated with you or your business personally. Using a combination of upper case letters, lower case letter along with number and signs is good. You should also keep changing the password after regular intervals.

Use a Trusted Network

Never ignore the security updates and wherever possible try to implement the patches. Sometimes you may rely on some software to give you notification of update. It is best not to do that and keep an eye for update. Whenever they are available install them so that you are always updated. Apart from this it is always better to use a trusted network for suing your dedicated server.

Data Backup is must

Even after you take different steps for maintaining the security of your website there may be attacks any time. Thus it is always preferable to backup data from your server. In case of any cyber-attacks you can take control and restore the website fast.

Select a Firewall

When you choose the dedicated server make sure you have chosen one with the best system resources and hardware. There should also be a firewall provided along with the server that wills top any malicious data before it can attack the server.

Consider a Managed Server

Many times you may think that you will manage the security of your server as no one thinks better than you for the server. However the fact is you are not an expert in it and sometimes even though you work hard on it you may miss one or two things that will lead to problems. Thus, it is better that you choose a managed server. The administrator will handle all critical issues related to the security of the server and you can be sure that it is safe.

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