10 Actionable SEO Tips You Can Implement On Your Website Today

10 Actionable SEO Tips You Can Implement On Your Website Today


We all know that SEO has grown to a different level over the past few years. However, despite this growth, there are certain principles that still remain unchanged. One example are keywords – they are still essential to improve organic rankings and have remained the top priority for most websites that need to rank higher.

The variety of SEO techniques makes it impossible to determine which ones to stick to and follow. In order to help you with this, we are listing the most actionable SEO tips you can implement on your website today.

  1. Remove Anything That Slows Down Your Website – Slow loading sites were not seen as so bad in the past. However, today that isn’t the case which is why you must remove all the things that slow down your website.
  2. Link To Other Websites With Relevant Content – Linking to other blogs is critical to growth and is one of those strategies that boosts your authority. So, make sure to link to trustworthy sites where possible.
  3. Write For Humans And Not Search Engines – Your content should be designed to help and solve the needs of humans rather than search engines. Here, keywords are meant to drive search results but your content is meant to trigger your readers’ interests.
  4. Encourage Other Sites To Link To You – Inbound links are according to many the lifeblood of search engine rankings – so make sure to direct as many possible (trustworthy) links to your website.
  5. Have Web Analytics In Place – Tracking your growth and every single detail along the process is something that is incremental to SEO – and something that can be done through Google Analytics.
  6. Write Unique Metas For Every Page – Your meta titles and descriptions need to be unique and relevant. They should also contain your focus keywords so that the SEO is in place.
  7. Use Readable And Meaningful URLs – If your users cannot read or understand your URL, they will never visit your page again. This will confuse the search engines too – which is why you need to use readable and meaningful URLs.
  8. Use Social Signals to Build Momentum – Social media is nowadays very important and search signals are even more important. So, make sure to create useful content, add share buttons to it and encourage people to share it by asking them to.
  9. Use Keywords In Your Images ‘Alt Text’ – This is another very important part of ranking high with SEO nowadays.
  10. Post Frequently – If you create and publish content frequently, you will be seen by Google as a website with authority and given advantage to over your competitors.

The minute you start implementing these SEO tips will be the minute when you start ranking higher!

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