Skype is down: Microsoft is working on a fix

Skype is down: Microsoft is working on a fix

Skype is currently down for thousands of users worldwide. If you’re struggling to connect to your Skype account, but nothing happens, you’re  not the only one.

Skype has been down for about an hour now, and Microsoft has already acknowledged the problem.

Hello, we are aware of an incident where users will either lose connectivity to the application and may be unable to send or receive messages. Some users will be unable to see a black bar that indicates them that a group call is ongoing, and longer delays in adding users to their buddy list.

[UPDATE Jun 20, 2017 07:00 GMT]: We’re aware users are still experiencing problems – we’re looking into this!

Users have taken their frustration to Microsoft’s forums, describing the issue and asking for help.

Has anyone found a solution to this problem? I was able to use skype fine until now and today I can log in but it just stays in the “connecting” mode.. This is really frustrating as I am using skype for work. I have tried changing firewall settings for skype but nothing seems to help.

And of course there is no support from skype so just have to hope someone has a solution here..

Unfortunately, if you can’t connect to Skype, there is not much that you can do about it. This is a general problem coming from Microsoft’s servers, and all you can do is wait until the tech giant fixes it.

The Skype connectivity issue is affecting users worldwide. Millions of users rely on Skype to connect with their friends and business partners. Hopefully, Microsoft’s engineers will fix this problem as soon as possible.

We’ll keep an eye on the official Skype website and we’ll update this article as soon as new information is available.

UPDATE: Many users report that Skype connectivity issues appear to have been fixed now. Users can now connect to their Skype accounts and send messages. More specifically, the number of users reporting Skype connectivity problems dropped by half according to DownDetector.

However, the issue still persists for many users, particularly in Europe.

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