The Importance of Your Control Panel

The Importance of Your Control Panel

Your domain resides online by being hosted by a dedicated company. While the company rents out this space to you, you still have to know how to run things on your website. Which is why having an easy to use control panel is so vital. It is one aspect that should not be overlooked when selecting your new hosting plan.

There are two main types of hosting platforms Linux and Windows. Windows hosting is more suitable for those who require specific Windows applications to run on their sites. Linux is by far the most popular, and easiest to use choice.
As with anything, control panels are not all the same. Each hosting company can potentially be using a different type of panel, some of which are much easier to use than others.

The Cpanel is the one used by all Linux based plans. While Plesk is a control panel that works with Windows hosting. Both types of panels are considered equal when it comes to security issues.

Your control panel allows you to perform all kinds of functions including installing scripts such as Word Press, setting up email addresses, creating add on domains, checking your traffic logs and stats and more.
One area that is really helpful is that of script installation and this is where things can change across hosting companies.

Some popular scripts can be installed by a One Click or Auto Installer. Some of the top types of these include:

• Fantastico
• Simple Scripts
• Softaculous

These auto installers help you quickly install a new script on your site without any knowledge or programming skills. One easy to install script is the popular Word Press platform. This is used by millions of people for creating their websites. Other scripts or applications that you may have heard of include; Drupal, Joomla, and Tiki Wiki amongst others.

Your control panel is extremely powerful and can handle many operations, some extremely advanced. This includes using Apache, PHP and MySQL Databases. These applications are always kept up to date and compatible with your version of your control panel (Cpanel).
To access any type of function or to retrieve data about your website you will have to log into your Cpanel. From here you can navigate to the required area. Most sites have information boxes and even video tutorials to help guide you through any processes.
Once you have registered for your new hosting plan make time to familiarize yourself with your control panel and learn where things are kept.

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