What is a Dedicated Server & Why You Need One

What is a Dedicated Server & Why You Need One

Dedicated Server

The best way to describe what a dedicated server is as ‘a dedicated physical server that is allocated specifically for your use’. In other words, this server is exclusive in contrast to shared servers which include multiple users using the same compute resources in their own environment.

Maximum Flexibility And Versatility

Basically, dedicated servers let you determine how your compute resources are allocated. You can choose through a number of platforms to leverage and configure any number of virtual machines. You may also decide not to virtualize the compute resources at all – which is your call in the end.

The benefits of a dedicated come down to your unique and specific allocation of your resources. No one else’s requirements will have any impact on your dedicated server.

Save On Purchasing And Management Costs

Another big advantage of dedicated servers is the ability to save on purchasing and management costs that would go into developing and maintaining your infrastructure. The dedicated server option is paid for on a monthly basis (just like cloud servers) which offers equal financial benefits.

Additionally, dedicated servers are great because they let you connect to affordable cloud storage. If you are have a compute-intensive workload, this can be a large benefit where the uniqueness of your dedicated server remains with the control and management of your compute resources.

Helping you In Critical And Non-Critical Workloads

In the end, one of the best reasons why people choose dedicated servers nowadays is the flexibility. Dedicated servers are configured for both critical and non-critical workloads – all depending on your requirements.

Most of the dedicated server infrastructure nowadays is designed for high availability and redundancy. So, asking your hosting provider about these two benefits is something important – and something that helps you plan ahead.

Have you found a reliable hosting provider with a cost-effective dedicated server plan yet? Let us know in the comments!

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