A plugin for allowing site owners and their users to add, manage and search ads!

Has a single shortcode witch generates the wp just ads page, witch working ajax calls and keeps the process of adding and searching ads at the minimum effort!

You can add ads as a user, take a look at categories or search with location, price and keywords!


  1. Let users to create their own ads
  2. Integrated search, by title, category, price and location
  3. It works with AJAX ( asynchronous calls )
  4. User can set the number of days a ads will be alive / active
  5. User can see, his/hers own ads if they are registered
  6. User can browse ads by category
  7. Plugin has its own captcha functionality for security 


  1. Upload to your plugins folder or install it directly from wordpress
  2. Activate it
  3. Create a page with the [ads-form] shortcode
  4. Upload to your plugins folder or install it directly from wordpress
  5. Create you first ADS, with backend of frontend user interface!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can i deactivate the create ads form?


I hate to go in the post to publish it, can i do something a little less tedious?

Yes, of course! There is an easy way! Take a look at the posts list, and you can find a link with the current post status! Just click it!

Support & Consulting

We are able to offer commercial support and consulting services to help clients install, customize and integrate the plugin.

  • Need help install the plugin?
  • Need to customize the plugin or change the templates?
  • Need extra functionality?
  • Need integration with an another application?

We can help you! Whether it’s a simple installation, or a custom design and implementation of the plugin for an interactive site, we can help. Below we provide an indicative price list for common tasks. Note that these prices are only indicative, and will vary based on time required, complexity, ease of access to your server and schedule.

Integrations, Upgrades & Migration

  • Install and set-up WP Just ADS, limited customization.  $85
  • Install and set-up WordPress using a pre-existing theme.  $285
  • Integrate the WP Just ADS with your template $140
  • Troubleshooting for customers only. Please contact us
  • Migrate site to new host. Please contact us
  • Security issues. Please contact us

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