New Cloud Infrastructure Soon

2020 won't be the same

Plegmahost goes to the clouds, and beyond!!!

  • New Cloud Infrastructure,
  • New Datacenters,
  • More Power,
  • More Speed and
  • Reduced Pricing!!!


P.S. Our engineers are always at your service if you need a custom system rather than shared cloud hosting!!!


14th Dec 2019
Node v13.3.0 (Current)

Notable Changes fs: Reworked experimental recursive rmdir() (cjihrig) #30644 The maxBusyTries option is renamed to maxRetries, and its default is set to 0. The emfileWait option has been removed, and EMFILE errors use the same retry logic as other errors. The retryDelay option is now supported. ENFILE errors are now ... Read More »

3rd Dec 2019