Reliable IT Support For Your Business.

Nowadays it is impossible to think about any business that does not depend upon IT infrastructure. When there is a downtime or an IT failure the effect will be on your sales and revenue. You never know where the IT costs may lead to if you are not guided properly.

With the help of PlegmaHost It professionals, you will have a budget in hand that will help you know where the IT operational cost may head to. Moreover, as consultants, we will be working for you every day without any holidays or sick days. That means you can save some human resource cost there too!

PlegmaHost with extensive experience and expertise can support your company by offering support to all aspects such as Web Development, CMS support, progressive web apps, mobile web application, it consultant, native application support, server support, corporate ID, radio streaming, video production and many many more. Everything in one place, at the best price of the market!

Choose From Plegmahost’s Monthly Plans and Let Us Utilize Your Services Properly So You Can Gain a Competitive Advantage Over the Competitors.


Ideal For Small Websites

2 Hours Per Month
Free Website Diagnosis
48 Hours Response Time
Minimum 3 Months Contract




Ideal For CMS Websites

6 Hours Per Month
Free Website Diagnosis
48 Hours Response Time
Minimum 3 Months Contract




Ideal For Online Stores

12 Hours Per Month
Free Website Diagnosis
24 Hours Response Time
Minimum 3 Months Contract




Ideal For Web Applications

24 Hours Per Month
Free Website Diagnosis
24 Hours Response Time
Minimum 3 Months Contract



Creating and offering value 

We coordinate with all the vital resources in the chain of construction and design to produce superior results. Plus, our objective is also to help you save time and money, and we do this by eliminating excessive details, asking for contingency amounts and offering transparency across the board. You can be confident of a project that’s completed on time and of the highest quality.

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We’ve assisted corporations, entrepreneurs and startups from all over the world with exceptional solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions For the quickest answers, search our F.A.Q. below or browse our knowledgebase.
If you can't find your answer or you want a custom solution, feel free to contact us
Is there a minimum contract length?

The minimum period for all our IT support plans is 3 months. All IT Support plans are payable monthly in advance. No lock-in period or long-term contracts, 30 day notice period

How i can manage my hours??

With our pre-payed 6 and 12 months periods, you can allocate your hours any way you want through the whole period you have pre-payed. We believe that once you pay your support and maintenance hours you have a right to use them at any stage during your contracted term.

Do my hours expire?

You are free to use your hours for the life of your term. For example, if you decide to sign up for a 12-month support term you can use your support hours at any time within those 12 months.

What can I use my support and maintenance time for?

Your support time can be utilized for various things including the accompanying;

Technical Support

We investigate and resolve any issues, bugs or mistakes your website have. Sometimes we discover bugs owners didn’t know they had.

Website changes.

Keep your site in Excelsior condition with updates, fresh content, forums, social media etc.


We monitor your website and scanning for possible threats and identifying them as they occur, long before you or your customers are aware of.


Want to know what’s going on with your server or website? We can create customised reports for your business (including traffic, performance, source destination, popular content, online marketing and many more).

Speed Optimisation

Slow speed means impatient visitors and fewer customers. Improving the speed of your website is one of the most meaningful change you can make. The speed of your website is a contributing factor to good SEO rankings and organic traffic.

Security patches

We guarantee your server/website are up to date with the latest security patches to prevent malicious attacks and hackers hijacking your website or accounts.

Software updates

Software updates to install latest stable version of your application.

Backup and restore

Create backup schedules for your website.

Database maintenance

Check and cleaning database logs, optimise the database.

What happens when I sign an It support plan?

After you sign up, all we need is your website/server credentials, and point us any issues you are dealing with. We will resolve any existing issues and will make recommendations to improve your website. Our friendly IT team will be with you in every step to support you and your online business.

Do i get any extras if I pre-pay?

For clients that have frequent support and maintenance issues, We offer extra IT support hours by pre-paying for 6 or 12 months.

If you pre-pay for 6 months you get an extra 10% support hours. If you pre-pay 12 months you get an extra 20% support hours.

Below are the total extra support hours for every period and plan you choose.






Hours per month





6 mths pre-paid





12 mths pre-paid





How Can I Contact Support?

You can contact our Support team in different ways, 24/7

Call us on 03 82023009 (10.00am-4.00pm)
Email us at 24/7
Chat with our team using live chat 24/7
Login into our support centre using your client login and view the progress of current and previous support tickets 24/7

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