We are pleased to announce the launch of the all-new sitebuilder version 6.
Now you can use the new editor to easier make a beautiful website.

Do more with our new features:

1. The new editor’s interface.
2. Improved website layout. Now you can split your site into sections and blocks.
Easier make your site more organized and more beautiful. 
3. New template design and new layout by UIKIT framework.
4. Drag and drop editor & new widget.
5. Professional look sections and blocks for any website content.
6. New effects for header banner, blocks.
7. Customizable footer design, breadcrumb, a block’s background.
8. Better responsive website.
9. New fonts, navigation design.
10. Free customizable icon set.
11. Manage your website favicon with simple favicon manager.


The new sitebuilder SIX vs. the old editor (Version 5.4): what’s changed?

• Rename the following tab menus of the editor:
“Home” is changed to “My Sites.”
“Step 1” is changed to “Templates.”
“Step 2” is changed to “Design.”
“Step 3” is changed to “Pages.”

• Merge the “WYSIWYG editor” with the “Pages” tab menu (step 3). You can now customize your page instantly without have to click on WYSIWYG icon.

• Don’t forget to add Social Icons – building link to your social media -that will improve your site ranking in search results and let visitors get in touch with you.

• Add sections element to your website. Choose one of our pre-made layouts to construct your site and customize any elements in the layout with your own content.

• Simply add Forms and Albums to your site by dragging and dropping anywhere you want.

• Blocks split your sections into a smaller segment. Use blocks to create an impressive new brilliant design for your site.

• You can now add a link button to your site.

• New panel toolbar lets you have full control over your site.

• Added thousand of new free sitebuilder images in our library.

• When starting sitebuilder – automatically redirect you to the page of the website which you had edited last time before you exit sitebuilder.

• Drag and drop to rearrange your pages in the website instead of clicking on the move button.


sitebuilder 6 remove some components from sitebuilder version 5.4:

– Guestbook
– Newsletter
– Blog

However, these components still working on the sitebuilder version 5.4 as it was.


Please note:

Because this update is all-new, so the new editor doesn’t support the old sites that made from sitebuilder version 5.4 and earlier. That’s mean to use sitebuilder 6; you have to create the new site using the new editor.

You still be able to edit website made from the previous version smoothly by switching back to sitebuilder version 5.4 with just a single click on “Switch Version” function. You can switch between sitebuilder version 6 and version 5.4 anytime with the switch button.


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

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