Introducing Jetpack CRM

Jetpack, the popular WordPress security and performance solution developed by Automattic, is announcing the global launch of Jetpack CRM, a customer relationship management platform for WordPress websites.

What is a CRM?

Every interaction with a customer or lead is a building block in your relationship with them, so make sure each one is meaningful. A CRM helps you manage and grow these connections by organizing all your customer information in one place. 

Keep track of every interaction — meeting notes, phone calls, emails — and view your entire client history at a glance. Build on this contact data to enrich every touchpoint with a customer with thoughtful, informed, and customized communications. A CRM doesn’t just lead to more sales — it helps you learn more about each individual customer, understand what they need, and connect with them on a deeper level to build loyalty to your business.

Meet Jetpack CRM

Jetpack CRM adds powerful contact management functionality to your WordPress website. Whether you sell products, fundraise, or offer online services, you can use Jetpack CRM to keep track of key customer data from inside your WordPress admin area — the place you already go to manage your site. Here are a just a few of the ways it helps you build relationships and revenue:

  • Easily collect leads. Collect leads automatically from contact forms, WooCommerce, Stripe, PayPal, and other providers using our extension library.
  • Follow up with contacts. Use CRM Extensions like Advanced Segments to sort your contact list into actionable groups, (e.g. customers with transactions in May).  
  • Manage billing directly from the CRM. Send quotes and invoices to clients for online acceptance and payment. Track it all, along with transactions, against your CRM contacts.
  • Increase efficiency without sacrificing ease of use. Jetpack CRM offers advanced features while still being easy to install and use. Monitor the growth of your business directly from your CRM dashboard. 
  • Integrate seamlessly with WordPress. Jetpack CRM was built for WordPress by the WordPress experts. Don’t worry about complicated, frustrating integrations — know that everything works together, seamlessly.
  • Know exactly where your data lives. Instead of storing valuable, private customer information with a third party, keep it safely on your server where you can protect it and access it at any time.
  • Priced for entrepreneurs. By offering a refined set of tools without adding features beyond the scope of a sensible CRM, Jetpack CRM is affordable for small businesses. At $199 for the full bundle, it costs less than $17 per month.
  • Only pay for what you need. Jetpack CRM is modular, so you only pay for what you need, rather than spending money on dozens of unnecessary features. You can buy individual extensions, or a bundle. With over 30 CRM extensions Jetpack CRM lets you build your own, ideal CRM.

With Jetpack CRM, you can grow your business, make it more resilient (by having a backlist of customers to reach out to at any time), save admin time, and connect with leads and customers more effectively — all on the platform you already know and love.

How to install Jetpack CRM

Jetpack CRM is available as a standalone plugin, available from If you’re already using Jetpack for security, speed optimization, or other website management features, you’ll need to install Jetpack CRM separately. New users can choose to purchase Jetpack CRM as a standalone tool or in addition to other Jetpack offerings.

Build better relationships with your clients

Growing a successful business is all about building deep, long-lasting relationships with customers, and ensuring that they benefit from your products or services. With Jetpack CRM, you can efficiently manage all of your clients and make sure they receive the top-notch customer service that they deserve, for less than $20 per month.