How to Avoid Spam Use Disposable Mail.

On the web, we’re asked to sign up for new accounts, app trials, delivery services, and so on and that puts a strain on the email accounts and cell numbers we use every day. Then there are the services that you’d rather just try out first before you start sharing anything personal like an email […]


Ways in Which Your Business Can Benefit From Apps

Apart from making phone calls and sending messages, another core functionality of a mobile device is to run a number of mobile Apps that serve almost every purpose you can possibly imagine. Businesses from every part of the world that offer a wide range of products are now migrating from the traditional physical world of […]


How to Add Single Sign-On to Native Apps Corporate ID

Native apps corporate ID single sign-on or SSO is not actually a new concept. In fact, enterprises and people have been using various technologies to ensure that single sign-on deliver what it promises and this has been happening for at least a decade now. The basic approach to single sign-on today is to simply leverage […]