What to do every night on your computer .

Why should not you forget …
One of the most common moves as soon as we finish work or surfing from our computer at home is to close the lid and leave it. The computer enters sleep mode in this way and …. wakes up when you turn it on again. But this tactic is probably not ideal.

In fact, what you need to do every night on your computer is to turn it off completely. Modern computers are specially designed not to turn off completely. However it is good to leave time for the machine to rest and help the value in the battery charge cycle. Completely switching off the machine means that everything is turned off and the internal components are no longer working.

It would be good when you go to bed to turn off your computer completely and give it the time it needs to … rebuild.

Shutting down your computer is when all the software, programs, files, and processes are closed and the memory in the RAM is cleared. … It is best to shut down your computer when you don’t need to use it for a while and to save power. Shutting down your computer also allows it to run faster with a clear RAM

The effects of improper PC shut down can be:

Files may be written incompletely: When you abruptly turn off the system, the files that the system has been writing may be incomplete resulting in loss of data. Data corruption: All those unsaved data and programs can lead to data corruption.

To get straight to the point, it is a very, very bad idea to shutdown your computer by holding the power button.

In order to understand why this is such a bad idea, you need to understand a little about what a computer normally does during a standard Windows shutdown and why it needs to do these things when you shutdown your computer.

During normal running,

– a computer hard disk is rotating thousands of times a minute
– the little arm that reads and writes data to the hard disk is moving backwards and forwards all the time
– Windows has many files open for reading and writing
– Windows may be reading and writing to the system registry

During a normal shutdown, (amongst doing many other things)

– Windows closes any files it was reading or writing
– Windows closes any access it has to the system registry
– the little hard disk arm is parked carefully at one side of the disk

So in comparison, what does holding the power button for a few seconds do?
Pressing the power button for a few seconds cuts power immediately to the whole computer.

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