How to use Google Calendar and Tasks for major productivity

For Major Productivity and organization we have a solution, that has been Free and yet powerful. Have you tried out the powerful, in-house combination of a Google Task list with Google Calendar? It could potentially replace any other to-do apps you might use. We are here to help you not only with our services but also with helpful posts so you can boost your productivity.

Here’s how you can achieve it : 

Step 1: Viewing Google Calendar Tasks

If you haven’t customized your task calendar on Google yet, the default view will look very plain.

Enabling Google Tasks in Google Calendar will add a high degree of functionality to the app that you might not otherwise expect. The tool has always been simple. Allowing you to add tasks, notes, and create new lists for all your projects.

You can even go higher by adding Gtasks to your email so you won’t miss again any important meeting either a crucial project reminder.

To use it alongside Google Calendar, enable the Google Tasks widget by expanding the My calendars section in the bottom left-hand corner of your desktop browser.


Next, go to the right-hand side of your Google Calendar, and click on the Google Tasks icon, seen here in red:

When you click on it, Google will dock Google Tasks on the right-hand side of Google Calendar. Once Tasks is enabled, you’re ready to add Tasks to the calendar itself.

Step 2: Create your To-Do List

  • Break projects into tasks
  • Organize tasks with priorities
  • Plan out each month, week, and day
  • Hold you accountable to deadlines


How you can achieve this :

  • Click on the Tasks dropdown menu at the top of the Tasks bar.
  • There, you will see a selection of previously created lists. You will also see the button Create a new list.

The choice for which one you use is up to you.

Inside each list, there will be a spot where you can create a Google to-do task. To create a new task, click + Add a task. Start typing.

Then press Enter to insert the text and move onto the next subtask. If you try to add a due date to a subtask, you’ll notice that you can’t add one when you first create it. You need to go back to the main list level and add from there.

Once you’re back on your main list level, click on a task to go back into your subtasks. Add the due date to the subtask by clicking on the Edit details

After this, you’ll see the due date option has been added to your subtask page.

When you click on the Add date, Google will give you a pop-up calendar where you can choose a specific day to show when this task is due.

By using the same techniques listed above, Google Tasks and Google Calendar can do everything those apps can do, plus more and with no cost.


3 . Use Google Task inside the Calendar

When you enable Tasks in your navigation menu, it will add every task’s due date to your Google Tasks calendar. If there is no specific time during the day when this task is due, you’ll see your task listed at the top of each day that you have a deadline: Try shifting things around when necessary to level out your workload.


Tips :

  • Include the final due date in the task note. This is so you know how far you can push the tasks out if you don’t get them done right away.
  • Consider using task batching when you schedule out each day.
  • Try to keep a healthy balance between tasks for short term goals and long term goals.
  • For Google Tasks recurring in a similar fashion to an early-morning workout, make a repeating task that will automatically refresh for specific days of the week.
  • Google Calendar tasks for Android and iOS can be adjusted on your phone, so long as you have the Google Calendar app installed.


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